Sunday, June 28, 2015

Melrose Avenue

Driving around Los Angeles was quite an adventure with my family, mostly around the West Hollywood area. Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles is the hippest and one of the most safest places in LA you can get to, with many quirky stores with unusually gorgeous fashion items. Nasty Gal (Originally an online store)  is the store to that is a must to go to, if you are looking for edgy items. Im happy I bought a high low two toned blouse from there at a decent price, USD$ 58. The quality is really strong and the customer service is the best so far with the way they would reserve a fitting room for you.  Im sure you all fashionistas will be overall satisfied as much as I was with the five star customer service and the politeness of the ladies.

  Los Angeles and Orange County has been great so far, though I came many times and I was just here about three years ago.

I will be heading to Citadel outlets with my mother in two days then to the Santa Monica Pier to finally reunite with my close high school friend. So stay tuned for that.

This Adidas Originals Pullover by Rita Ora was only S$ 26. I got it when I was at Johor Bahru Premium outlets back in March. I thought it was insanely cheap for an unusually designed pullover. 

These leather pants are from H&M that were only S$ 10 from last years, Great Singapore Sale.   These Marc By Marc Jacobs loafers are insanely convenient and comfortable that I can wear them anywhere. They were only 
S$ 322 on sale.     Why not budget yourself by getting loafers like these or Kenzo Espadrilles rather than those Chanel ones that cost $600? 



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