Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is by far the best national park Ive ever been too. We all need nature to breathe in the fresh air. I just love the smell of pine trees. It's great to take a break from a typical city life and go to the outdoors once in a while. This is also a good way to exercise, while your always eating more on vacations. Ive been having my cheat meals, IN N Out burgers and Pizza Hut. Its good to have the food you secretly crave for once in a while, especially if your still young.

Yosemite has such great trees that are like skyscrapers. As a city slicker, I occasionally crave for scenery. This is a must see attraction on the West Coast (California-4 hours away from Los Angeles, California). Grizzly Giant is also the most unusual tree in the park, that we couldn't resist taking photos continuously.
Tomorrow I will be headed to finally see the Sequoia trees, then back to Los Angeles.

I decided to dress in a minimal/monochrome way to feel more comfortable and not attract so much attention. I had a more easy time walking this way.

This shirt is Femme by Lady Gaga. I bought it at my school bazaar for only S$ 20. 

I got this leather shorts from Factorie for only S$ 8.90 on sale. My envelope purse is from ALDO for only S$ 23.90 on sale. 

These super convenient oxfords are from TOPSHOP at only S$ 56 at a student discount. 

Grizzly Giant tree

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