Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Roses on the egde

Love is just too complicated. Im not one of those those single ladies against it. Im not even looking for it. Im just gonna let it surprise me. As always Im not a flirty girl, so I never wear any flirty outfits especially if I think that there are so many jerky guys that I think should go down the drain.

 This is entirely related to the Christmas song by Britney Spears, My Only Wish this year.

hmmm, maybe I just want my love for christmas. Im glad to be able to help and support the designers of my school for the Christmas sale. Im not a shopaholic. Im helping to clear the stuff in the store I work at as a part time fashion advisor.

Ive never bought anything from the store before despite working there for over a year. This was taken by my lovely friend Merilyn. I had great night eating at the Wine Connection, Centerpoint with her having some Paella and red wine. Then we walked around Forever 21.

My leather top is from H&M that I got on sale for only SGD$ 20. I couldn't believe how insanely affordable it was. 
 My Karlito inspired necklace is from Bugis Street that was also SGD$ 20. I love how they have those quirky acrylic necklaces that are seriously worth paying a little bit more than the usual price for jewelry.
This cut out jacket is by one of the Raffles Designers, WEN that I got on sale for only SGD$ 100.  It was the best expensive piece I spent on. 

This new slit maxi skirt is from that I got for only
SGD$ 11.90 at a really good deal.

My Jeffrey Campbell sandals are the MYNT model that I got at a good deal for only
SGD$ 120.

Happy Holidays to you all!,


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We never go out of style

Its true that the pieces on me never go out of style and fashion. Military jackets, and button down skirts are totally classic that they have been around since the 50's, 60's and 70's. Many military jackets were used in the 40's as well, during World War 2. So that will never go out of style. They are really convenient to be worn at any place and time.

Military jackets are also by far one of my favorite fall trends of the year. Multi buttoned skirts has also been looking very fine and edgy, this year for S/S and F/W 2015. Looks like they will stay in fashion for so long. They can also be worn with high cut gladiators for the summer and thigh high boots for the winter (which of course we cant wear in Singapore due to the massive heat)

This military coat is from H&M that I got at a good deal for only SGD$ 20 on sale.  My leather top inside was also the same price. 
I got this bib necklace from Forever New that was only SGD$ 14.
This new buttoned down skirt is from Miss Selfridge that I got on sale for only SGD$ 39. 

 These laced up ballet flats are from Rubi Shoes by Cotton On for only SGD$ 10 on sale.  I just thought that these flats were very convenient and comfortable at the same time.

Lots of love!,


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

You are, what you wear its true

Its true that you really are what you wear Your style your rules! Never listen to anyone who comments too much or who dictates your about your fashion sense. I never listen at all. I just go with my very own style and I don't care how bright my hair color is or whether I want tattoos or not. Normal is just insanely boring. According to one of Lady Gaga's song, "Fashion" there is a line, "You are who you wear it's true" Lady Gaga is one of those I look up to as I always admire her making her own outfits that can be outrageous but she stands out well on stage.

Monochrome is great for F/W2015 especially if your hair is already rainbow colored. It wont look like a hot mess in that way or a fashion disaster.

I got this new turtle neck dress from Forever 21 that was only SGD$ 27. 

My checkered cardigan is from ZALORA ( that was only SGD$ 29. I love how the clothes there are very unique and affordable. 

More F/W looks to come your way!,


Friday, September 18, 2015

Spreading Wings

Spread your wings and fly up to your confidence. You rising up in the air. Life is too short to always feel so down. No matter what kind of person you are, you are you. Don't mind what other people say about you. As always be yourself. You don't need to have so many friends to be popular or a man to complete you in your life. Never be insecure with yourself or angry with the world.  Be patient! Things will always come naturally. Don't let any bad experiences hold you back. We all have them once in a while and we all make mistakes.   You cant change anything that God has given you! You must always be thankful of what you have right now.  Sometimes the causes of insecurities can be wasting time too much on Facebook along with comparing oneself with another. Ive gone through that at a younger age in my life and I advise you all not to do that.

In this outfit, I am inspired by Chanel Fall/Winter 2015 ready to wear by wearing a bow in front top along with a sculpted sleeves jacket. Bow tie in front collar shirts has been trending nowadays this season, as seen in many window displays, along with sleeveless coats, military jackets and other bohemian style of clothing/accessories.

Black and gold wings jacket- 77th Street, SGD$ 40

Bow tie in front top- Forever 21, SGD$ 25

Floral skirt- Pull& Bear, SGD$ 25

Studded Booties- Jeffrey Campbell, SGD$ 100

Clutch- Random shop in Seoul, Korea



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cape blazer

You don't need to be a super hero to have a cape. We can be heroes, me and you! Cape style blazers are always very funky. They are so in nowadays for Fall/Winter 2015. This was a very comfortable outfit for work, the whole day at the store. It feels like Im in pyjamas with with a cutting edge to it. As always Im inspired by Lady Gaga with her quirky sleeves and I admire the fact that she is not everybody with the way she dresses on stage.

My Cape blazer is from mds collections that was only SGD$ 38. MDS is my favorite local clothing line in Singapore.
The sleeveless collar leopard shirt is from TOPSHOP that was on sale for only S$ 19.90.
My gladiator sandals are from Jeffrey Campbell for only SGD$ 120.

Stay tuned for more fall/winter trends



Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hands On

Hands on or off!Don't worry I am not being touched! Its just style, that even Lady Gaga wore a bikini like this in her music video for Born This Way! So there is totally nothing wrong with that. Lady Gaga is known for being unusual in her own way and thats why I love her. She is not like any other singer. I find her funky and I love how she designs her own outfits especially for stage. Without trying too hard, I just love to express myself in my own way as well.  Life is too short to worry about what others will think. Just be yourself and naturally people will come to you. This is always causing me to listen to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", especially when she sings "Whether life's disabilities left you outcast bullied or teased, rejoice and love yourself today cause baby you were born this way" "Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and your set, Im on the right track baby I was born this way"

 I was once an outcast when I was still studying at Raffles Design Institute Manila, due to not fitting in culturally, that I even had one girl make me suffer on a school trip to Hong Kong.  But that was over a year ago and Im glad my life has changed so much moving to Singapore in July of last year. I am able to make new friends slowly at work, fashion events and joining outdoor activities.

This is only the start of Fall/Winter 2015, so I decided to wear a wooled fedora hat with a maxi cardigan. The whole outfit was warm enough to wear to work at a full day shift at the mall. Its seems like 2015 is the year that the 70's made a huge comeback in fashion with many bohemian clothing from bell bottom pants, large fedoras and floral prints.  I decided to style it my own way as much as Im not too much into florals.

My floppy fedora is from H&M for only S$ 20 on sale.  This shirt dress is from one of the fashion marketing students in school that was only S$ 22.  
My new necklace is from H&M that was only S$ 19.90. 

This is actually a shirt dress from H&M that I made into a maxi cardigan. It was only S$ 50. I bought it back in February. 



Monday, September 7, 2015


F/W has officially begun! Keep warm in the winter in a chic way with a cool scuba top and a long plaid shirt. It gets pretty chilly at work so I decided to double up a little on a quiet Thursday at the mall. H&M always has the best collaborations with high end designers. Alexander Wang is by far one of the best ones besides from Versace and I cant wait to see the collaboration with Balmain and I will totally save my money to camp out in line for the launch!  Its fun to pair your pieces together mixing and matching. The pieces Im wearing, I consider them classic and edgy at the same time, especially if you don't have to worry about staying within the trends all the time. Its always so fun to have your own style.  Alexander Wang is also one of my favorite designers with the use of studs and leather at the same time.

The long top I am wearing inside is by Singaporean designer, Sabrina Goh (Elohim). I got it at the Blueprint event  (Suntec City) back in May for only S$ 83 on sale. I thought it was a pretty good steal for something fancy. 

My new cat eye shades are from Forever 21 that were only S$ 7.   I am wearing an Alexander Wang X H&M scuba top that I bought from a seller on Carousell for only S$ 70. Believe it or not it was brand new. 

I got my pants from Bugis Street for only S$ 20.

Style up warmly,