Sunday, May 17, 2015

Singapore Fashion Week (Benjamin Barker)

 Singapore Fashion week was pretty grand, with the set up and creativity of the Tent at Orchard! We constantly had free drinks and an awesome goodie bag with free sparkling apple juice and two tea bags.  It was also creative to have a 4 mirrored photo booth for NARS cosmetics. I always have fun being in Instagram contests.  Singapore fashion industry is one of the best booming ones ever, with more than one fashion week in the country and many other happenings, especially if almost all the jobs are in Singapore now a days with many international companies coming over and its the most international country in Asia I have ever been to so far.

I love how Singapore Fashion Week showcases local and international designers. Despite this collection being Men's wear, the set up was grand and the suits and ties were very creative along with the fedora hats that are a classic and will never die in any season.  As a person who cant get enough of the fashion world, I just love watching showcases of Women's, Men's, Children's, Infant's and Maternity wear.  Id totally design all categories if I was a designer. I can also recall designing a mens jacket in Junior year that many cool guys wanted to try it on.

 It was also a great  choreography how one of the models walked with a bicycle, to represent the out doors being the best ideas to spend your summer.  Walking the runway in umbrellas was also a good idea. The suits were so cute and colorful.  I only got to go to this show due to my work and school schedule conflicts and the tickets were all sold out for Victoria Beckham. But at least I got to fly solo at the Blueprint trade fair which is the sister event of Singapore Fashion Week.

Congratulations to the designers for putting up a spectacular show and also for having me and my lovely friend Nathalie take pictures with you guys after running into the both of you.  I love you guys! Benjamin Barker is one of the best mens wear I have ever seen that Id totally recommend it to my brother, cousins and future husband!

Stay tuned for more fashion events to come!



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