Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fitness Fashion tip 3

Top: Aeropostale
Galaxy tights: Cotton On active

(c) Ming Lim
This is me doing my regular aerial yoga (One of the aerial dance techniques)

Hey everyone,

Im finally back on after being very tired from school and also I just got back from Johor Bahru.

 Have you all been keeping in shape lately? Have you all been eating clean and maintaining your health?  Don't stop! Get stronger and motivated at the same time!  Ever since I started anti- gravity yoga in 2013 and doing more frequent fitness activities, my lifestyle got more and more comfortable as I always felt good after exercise and eating clean at the same time.  I get less headaches now a days because of healthy living. So I really encourage it.  If you don't like to spend, the check out the YOUTUBE channel GYM Ra or Blogilates who will make you "Train like a beast and look like a beauty"   This will also discipline you and make you do a lot more better at work.  Speaking of Blogilates, she also sells the coolest statement work out tanks.

You will also be able to think better with a clear mind, especially if you don't eat a YOLO meal too often. Sometimes junk food can murder your brain.   Try to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables. I constantly snack on cucumbers, carrots and fruits. Still, never starve yourself as well.   I mostly eat the Chicken Mcwrap from McDonald's which is clean with lean grilled chicken and salad.  Just tell them not to put dressing as it is fattening.  I don't eat much barbecue and I never eat any processed food.

Printed work out wear has been pretty popular now adays that many brands like Reebok are selling the most colourful ones. Fashionably fit is what every girl should be.  Its great to also have your own sense of style while you are keeping in shape.

You definitely need a toned body for your OOTD's to make your body as nice as your outfit.

A big special thanks to my Xtend Barre teacher (on the left), Beatriz and my aerial yoga teacher (on the right), Ming for helping me with this entry and to keep in shape with all the effective exercises.

I shall say that they have some style. You can be minimal when you work out, or print and patch yourself.  Beatriz is wearing a pair of colorful workout tights from a brand in Brazil.  As you can see, the colors are moving from the bottom to the top and it is very abstract.   I thought it was one work of art, and as Ive mentioned before I love the art and fashion in Brazil as it is really multi colored.

Ming is wearing a minimal outfit which is also cool. I like how it is paired neatly. Long sleeves are actually the best attire for circus and anti gravity activities especially  if you want to prevent getting rashes.

Keep fit and healthy!,
Train harder as the days go by!,


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