Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hats Off

Hats off to work! Show your personal style at your fashion job, in order to give signs to customers that you can help them style anything they want to buy.  You don't always have to be too formal by wearing the typical office blazers.  Your working in fashion and your style is supposed to be special. I love working at least twice a week in this job and at the same time studying. Drop by Raffles Privato on the 3rd floor, Paragon Orchard. Come check out the dresses if you need anything for prom as everything is in good quality by the talented designers of Raffles Design Institute Singapore.    Many of the long and short dresses will make you look the most chic at your prom, especially the exclusive designed gowns by Cynthia Francisca.      

I decided to go with my summer style by wearing more colors and also adding a new edge to it, by mixing black and grey with coloured tights and a multi colored skirt with my new color blocked  fedora from H&M that was on sale for only S$ 20. Go grab anything at the mid-season sale now! Its one convenient hat that can be worn at Coachella as well.  But I took the hat off when I keyed in for my shift because I thought it wasn't that proper and Im professional conscious as well.

This bib necklace is from H&M for only S$ 19.90.   I couldn't resist but buy it, due to it being not easy to find.    The sleeveless blazer was an old one from SM Makati back in Manila, PH. It only costed PHP 50 (less than S$ 1) to have the sleeves cut off.  DIY fashion with your old stuff is one way to clear your mind. 

This leather and cotton top is from Banana Republic at a buy 6 pieces and you will get a discount. I split the cost with my cousin.  My hats skirt is from Far East Plaza, Orchard for only S$ 20. The clothes there are the trendiest and affordable that Ive been going there since I was only 12 years old. 

These blue tights are from H&M that were only S$ 8.   My shoes are from New Look at a deal for only S$ 29.90 on sale. These are really convenient and from the improved comfort section.

Have fun with your style!,


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