Friday, March 20, 2015

Triple Layers

Working in a cold mall the whole day? Well there are ways to semi bundle up for work. Three thin layers will totally do. I can't bundle up too much as I live in a hot country. I was at the store the whole day, at a very cold mall. Malls in Singapore are always really cold but if you go outside its very hot. That is some combination. But I love working here and being a full time College student. Sorry if my OOTD's are always late, as Ive been studying for my finals and doing my Major Studio Project. Fashion Marketing is quite a lot to do. So I can't wait to take design or styling in the future.

This Harpers Bazaar vintage tee is from Pull&Bear that was only S$ 11.90 on clearance. 

My blazer is from H&M in Hong Kong that I bought almost 1 year ago. 

My long shirt is also from H&M that was only S$50 and my skinny jeans are from River Island in the Philippines that were only  PHP 995. 



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