Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Union Jack

Stay cool for school! Dress in your own way, especially if you are in a fashion college. But still comfort is the number one. This is one way you can dress if you only have time to throw on something quick in the morning or if you are just coming home from the gym. These were easy to change back into when I did aerial yoga with my friend after school as well.  

If you really don't have time to plan your outfit of the day, just throw on colors that are easy to mix and match together like this Union Jack scheme.

This shirt dress is from SCAPE underground for only SGD$ 15. Its one of the best places to shop for student prices with many cheap and good items.  This shirt can be worn in many ways. 

This bib necklace is from H&M that was only SGD$ 19.90. 

I got these new blue tights at H&M for only SGD$ 8.90.   These buckle shoes are from New Look that were on sale for only SGD$ 30. 

Look cool for school and study well!,


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