Friday, February 20, 2015

Lucky Red

Gong Xi Fa cai! Wishing you all a prosperous New Year! May you all have good luck in life with school, work and health! Chinese New Year is my other favorite holiday besides from Christmas. I guess I just love the spirit of giving! Besides from receiving, its also great to give back. Be kind and be generous. Focus on your inside the most and less on your outside.   The more good you will get if you are naturally  a nice person.  If you have enemies, don't do worse than them.

I hope you all, my fellow Chinese received a whole lot of cash! I had a really great Chinese  New Year weekend with my Father's side of the family, playing board games and eating great food. I couldn't have wished for better family members to support me.  I also had a great time with one of my new friends, doing yoga and shopping for affordable clothes we needed.
This red top here is from SCAPE Underground that was only SGD$ 25.
This leather and knit cardigan is from H&M for only SGD$ 24.90. 

This Hem skirt here is from ZARA that I got for only SGD$ 29.90 on sale. 

I've already had these booties for quite sometime. They were only SGD$26 on sale from New Look.

With two of my best cousins ever! Just like my brothers! 

Gong Xi GongXi!,


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