Monday, February 16, 2015

Be my lover

Be my quirky Valentine!! As always I decided to be more daring than ever on this day, with lace antlers along with some polka dot tights. I wore pastel to keep up with the Spring 2015 theme. Fashion is my love, but of course I still love my friends that I decided to do aerial yoga with one of them today and Im not dating right now because Im only 22 years old. So Im waiting for marriage. Im not single! Im not taken!   As a devoted Catholic, I have decided to stay pure until marriage.  

 After having two serious boyfriends in life, I decided not to waste my time with one anymore, as I want to focus on my fashion course and have a true fashion career first,  rather than getting hurt if it doesn't work out.  I will feel less hurt if I save all my love for the right man who will come along someday but he just isn't here yet.   So girls, never waste your time chasing any man. God will prepare one for you once he is ready to and don't ever obsess with being "In a Relationship"

About 50 Shades of Grey showing on Valentines Day. If you've read and watched it, never believe in BDSM. Its not even love. Its really just non-sense to fall for a man with that sort of behavior. Its just disrespectful and playful in such a harmful way.

This laced crop top with skeletal hands is from H&M at a great Chinese New Year Deal for only SGD$12.90.
This leather and wool skirt is from H&M at a deal for getting your second piece at SGD$ 5.  My polka Dot tights are from Terra Nova, given to me by my former special education teacher and friend.    I love you! 

These platform oxfords are from Charles & Keith that were only SGD$ 29.90 at a great sale price. 



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