Friday, January 9, 2015

Colorful Kitties

Always be a cool cat and not an aggressive one. Bring colors and light to the world that will make you happy. I wore this outfit to work today since I love my job as one of the fashion advisors. Im coping well and getting along with colleagues so far. I am very thankful to have a job like this and that I am learning a lot of responsibility.

Remember to always learn from your mistakes. 

I am inspired by Harajuku fashion as always with dyed turquoise hair and kitty cat ears, I got at H&M (ION Orchard Branch) for only SGD$ 9.90.  I always thought the fashion in Harajuku is by far the most unique with many expressive youngsters. Just don't care what others will say about you. Its not your problem if people can't accept you for who you are. 

This neon kitten pullover is from H&M that was only SGD$ 20 on sale.

To match up and complete my kitty pride theme, I wore this bracelet from TOPSHOP that me and one of my closest friends, Aqla bought together as a friendship charm.  

It was only SGD$ 13.

This tutu skirt is from mds, a local store in Singapore that was only SGD$ 40. When it comes to shopping, always make sure that items are not easy to find, in order for you not to splurge it all.  Casual seems to be attracted to formal in many outfits nowadays.  Casual elegance is the love child of it.

These kicks are from New Balance that were only SGD$ 80 on sale. They are park of the lifestyle collection. 

Cheer up with style!


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