Sunday, January 11, 2015

Orange Tag

Its great seeing fashion from all over the world. It looks like the fashion in Shanghai is growing.  This dress is just like an art piece. It's something that you seriously can't find.  The black and orange ballet flats are totally killing it as well, meaning that it has great contrast with the completely printed dress.  This is one collar dress to die for as well.  This outfit is seriously a balance with printed attire matched with simple ballet flats.  If you look closely, her orange eye shadow also matches well with her outfit. You also need to know what kind of make up matches with your outfit.  Its really stylish and its not what everybody wears. This is one example of being yourself and not blindly following trends. Having your own style is the best thing ever.

Another thing to do is to shop cheap and look expensive, especially for affordable street wear. Its how you style, not how you spend.  Just like Alexander McQueen once said, nobody wears designer head to toe anymore.

Special thanks to Angela for letting me feature your outfit. I really love your fashion sense and you also make a great buddy in Aerial Yoga! Its great that you also love Harajuku style fashion.



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