Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bow on top

You don't always have to have the same hairstyle everyday. Try something new! Today I decided to try out a new bow hairstyle for school. Its such a great time to tie your hair up whenever its hot. I just watched a YOUTUBE tutorial on how do to a bow hairstyle inspired by Lady Gaga. Its great going crazy once in a while. Too Serious equals too boring.

Wear dangling earrings with your hair up, it will look a lot more edgier. I am wearing a pair of earrings that I got at H&M for only SGD$ 2.

I got this new silver top at Scape, next to Somerset 313 for only about SGD$ 16.  You can get cool street wear there imported from Hong Kong. 

These white platform shoes are from TOPSHOP that were only SGD$ 49 on sale. Its a great price for shoes made in Italy. 

I got this hem skirt at ZARA for only SGD$ 29.90 on sale. 

Cheers to a New Year!,


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