Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pauline Ning: Spring Summer 2015

Another designer seriously stole the day of Digital Fashion Week. This time, its Pauline Ning from Singapore. Watch as she adds a cutting edge to classic pieces, especially the buttoned up collared shirts we can never go wrong with. It is such an art how the collar shirt dresses are criss-crossed all over the sleeves.  A lot of crop tops are used in this collection as well, which have obviously been a hit for the hot weather. It is great how they are paired with sleeveless blazers which are also going to be a big fad for summer 2015. 

The day me and my friend watched this show, she and I had a great time observing the designs having the opportunity to critique for Marie France Asia. Thank you to Pauline Ning for letting us interview you.   You have beastly designs like no other. Also a big thanks to Raffles College and Marie France Asia for giving us this great assignment. 

This collection is insanely wearable and out of this world at the same time. Mostly black and white is used in this whole collection, along with only pink and orange being the only bright colors used. It won't be so messy that way with too many bright colors.  Wounded Rhymes, the name of this collection is very suitable, that many of the cut outs, colors and prints are rhyming and the crisscrosses can represent the bandages on wounds.  

Pauline Ning is also known for being incredibly unique, since Ive checked out her official website. 

This has been Monica S. with fashion reporting!,

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