Thursday, November 20, 2014

Digital Fashion Week: Fyodor Golan

 Fyodor Golan is looking colorful like a rainbow  for the sunny summer! The colors of the rainbow are looking so pretty. This is the best fashion event Ive attended so far.  These two designers/partners's creations are seriously one of a kind.  I see a lot of pink, yellow, green and blue.  The multi colored leather jackets stand out the most and some neon is added to a rebellious edge.  There are also some feather textures used in this collection such as the pastel pink dress.  Feathers are also a stylish idea and eye catching to see as well.   The dress that has the word Love in front is seriously unique popping out with some 70's inspirations to it.  This will show that you seriously love the summer that you already can't wait for it.
You cannot go wrong with The Little Black Dress of course. The structured mini black dress is also looking sassy for the summer. Why not wear it to an event especially if its going to be so hot?
This is one of the best shows Ive been to so far and its great seeing how different designers have different inspirations and taste as well. Its good to be inspired by nature, culture or anything around you.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (MONICHIC) with fashion reporting!,
Your style, your way!

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