Thursday, November 20, 2014

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Seriously who can live without anybody liking or sharing ones photos, status's or news. Show your status people. Be inspiring! This is a new style with sneakers (Shoes I don't normally wear), I decided to try on a heavy rainy day. Match up your shoes that you can get wet and in case you accidentally slip and fall, at least, they won't get easily destroyed, which i honestly did trip and fall. I was embarrassed but as always Ill try not to sweat it too much, since Im not totally an accident prone and I also had to buy a cheap pullover from Bugis Street since I got soaked.
 We are all not super woman. No guy is super man either.

 Safety is always the number one skill in life. Now I learned to take the bridge whenever it is raining so hard. The weather nowadays has been insanely weird. So its time to get comfortable.

I got this graphic tee from Bershka that was only SGD$ 11.90. I paired it with my maxi cardigan from H&M that was only SGD$ 20. 

These panther leggings were only SGD$ 9.90 on sale from New Look. 

These girly trainers are from New Balance that were only SGD$ 80. They are so comfortable and New Balance sneakers are also one of the most trendiest and unique brands ever. You can still look chic in sneakers especially if you need to travel on a long flight or rush to school.


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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