Monday, November 10, 2014

Comfy Selfie

Casual and elegant for a school appropriate outfit! No time to put an outfit together in the morning? Then just throw on something to have a casual edge. You can still look dolled up! If you have a dress code, for those who are still in high school knee length shorts will give you a lesser risk of getting sent home or caught.  Knee length shorts are also for public transport safety.  To make them look more chic and not too casual, wear them with low heels or purchase a more edgy pair of bermuda shorts. Not just typical denim ones.   H&M and DKNY online have the best stylish ones.

This Selfie tee is from Bugis Street that was only SGD$ 15.  I got my chained bangle for only SGD$ 17 from Forever 21. 

These Bermuda shirts are from H&M that were on sale for only SGD$ 20. 

My mother got me this leopard bag from Marshalls (Brand: Betsey Johnson) for only USD$ 40 when she went to the US. Its really convenient. 

These comfortable gladiators (low heels) were only SGD$ 30 on sale from H&M.

Spice up for School!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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