Saturday, November 8, 2014

Shades of Dark

Start dressing in shades of dark this fall 2014! 50 shades of anything dark will be the best for Fall/Winter seasons. They will never change at all. Be happy! Don't ever be sad in these. Dark colors can always be worn anytime as well. This outfit can even be worn in a bohemian way for spring or with pastel colors.

(c) Cassandra Ng

This skirt is from H&M that was only SGD$ 24.90.   My belt is from Rome, Italy way back in 2011 that was only 9 Euros. 

I got this L'amour body suit for only SGD$ 15 from H&M. I am a regular customer there. 

This bow bracelet is from TOPSHOP that I got at a deal, 2 for SGD$ 6. It was on clearance. 

These leopard oxfords are from Call it Spring back in the Philippines for only PHP 1,500. I can't believe they lasted very long. 

Have a fashionable F/W!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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