Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vivo City

Viva La Vivo City!! It is one of the greatest malls in Singapore ever with the most stores. They even have a park on top with a really great view. While my Mom is in town visiting me, I had a great family bonding time, shopping and dining. It was fun picking out clothes for her as well. Family will always be very important to me.  Today I decided to go all edgy with my Lady Gaga checkered shirt as much as she is one of my most favorite singers ever with her quirky sense of style and stunning voice.

I matched my happy pendant to suit my really good mood today along with my crazy Gaga shirt. Go Gaga and go Happy!

I got this shirt from Bugis Street for only SGD$ 15. Me and my close friend, Aqla have the exact same one. Its fun wearing the same stuff as your close friends. 

This belt here is from ZARA that was only SGD$ 9.90 on sale.   This Hem skirt is also from ZARA (TRF section) at SGD$ 19.90 on sale.

These loafers were only about USD$ 5, my Mom bought me from Ross, Dress for less while she was away in the US back in July. They are unbelievably comfortable. 



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