Saturday, August 2, 2014


Selfies have always been the most common photos on Instagram and other Social Media. I always love taking selfless especially with friends and family. I even had one today with a lovely family friend who invited me over to their house and Im very thankful to have them as great friends. I couldn't have asked for better treatment.

It was a really fun day today, hanging out with a family friend at their place after my part time job.  I had a really good time working out and swimming afterwards. Always remember the term, Hard Work Pays off, which is really true.  Im also happy to have the opportunity here in Singapore to have a student job which Ive been dying to have all my life.  So far I love my fashion career! A student job is something I would really encourage for College students. This will in a way help you achieve your dreams.

(c) Elisabeth Cajurao

This Selfie mesh paneled shirt is from Bugis Street that was only SGD$ 15.  Everything there is half the price of the stuff at the mall.

This mesh midi skirt is also from Bugis Street that was only SGD$ 8. 


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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