Tuesday, July 1, 2014

World Cup Fashion Tips: Part 2

Go Team Go! It looks like the World Cup items are on sale at the moment. Even if the world cup will be ending on July 13, you can still dress up for your favorite teams during these last two weeks. As for me Ive been cheering for Brazil, especially if Im a huge fan of Neymar and Oscar.  But the World Cup attire are too expensive here in Asia and I have no one to go with to live stream the world cup at a town club. So far Brazil has one of the highest scores, beating many countries as usual. Football has always been popular with their culture and for some reason Ive always been interested in Brazilian culture myself, that Ive always wanted to go to Brazil and Ive even tried Capoeira once.  Well, welcome to part 2 of my world cup fashion tips! I hope you all remember the one about the Team Havaianas! After dancing to the theme song by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez during my ZUMBA lessons, I got into cheering for team Brazil.  I also have love for Latin Music. 
"Ole Ole Ole Ola!"

Now to give you all some fashion tips for you all in Brazil, watching the world cup or if your just live streaming them outside your house, you can always dress up for the team you are supporting in a cute trendy way.   All these clothes and accessories are from Forever 21.  I would suggest wearing and all around the world headband if you are supporting more than one team (If you own more than one team top or body con dress) in order to save money.  But if you are only a fan of one team, then you can wear a headband that says Brazil.   

Fashion Tip if you are wearing the Brazil Futebol bodycon dress:  

Make sure it is not too short by purchasing a larger sized one that is not too tight.
Wear either the all around the world headband or a Brazil team headband with your hair in a bun.  Add a gorgeous denim vest to make it look more stylish.  
For the footwear, green or yellow Ked's style sneakers or Brasil team Havaianas will do or just wear your cut out boots. 

If you are wearing a cropped t shirt or tank top of any team you are supporting:

Wear them with matching colored shorts or skinny jeans, rather than just ordinary denim bottoms. (I.e Yellow shorts with a Brazil tank)   Its okay to show your flat belly when going to a game.  Why not if you have a stunning toned body? 

You can also match a denim vest with them and also any shoes that will match. As always tie your hair up with one of those head wraps around your head.

Those tips are for if you are outdoor watching the game. You definitely don't want to feel hot and uncomfortable.

But when you are live streaming the matches indoors, you can wear a jacket and stockings with your team shirts and dresses.   Like, Id totally wear the Futebol body con dress with black stockings and a varsity jacket. Colored tights will look like a hot mess with that dress.  Id also wear the Brasil head wrap with it!

I hope you all enjoyed these fashion tips!,
Have fun!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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