Thursday, July 10, 2014

Top Trend right now: Chunky Platform Shoes

I have been seeing a lot of chunky platform heels these days. They are always the newest arrivals in stores now a days such as Factorie, TOPSHOP, etc ever since Ive been visiting various stores during The Great Singapore Sale.  They are being sold at Bugis Street as well and many other cheap stores.  Id seriously would own countless pairs if I had all the money in the world.  
They were actually the trends of Spring/Summer 2013, then lasted till now. These are by far my most favorite trends of 2013-2014.  I seriously cannot get enough of these shoes, as they are the edgiest shoes so far. Jeffrey Campbell even has many shoes like this as one of the most edgiest and quirkiest designers ever.  These are way more comfortable that actual stilettos and can be worn every day while save your stilettos for special occasions and parties.  

These shoes can match with any outfit of your choice, even a grunge floral look or any of those flirty/romantic looks. They will even look great with laced socks and Lolita Style dresses.  These shoes will totally save you from being in a fashion disaster as well. They also look a lot like 90's inspired shoes with the chunky high platform the Spice Girls always wear, especially the one below from ebay. Most of the shoes that I didn't write the name of the store are all from ebay.  I would seriously buy every single one of these shoes.  I like the Jeffrey Campbell Asylum (Balenciaga inspired) the best that Id love to find one on ebay sometime or maybe if I can find a knockoff at Bugis Street if they are affordable enough.  

You can totally look the most chic in these gorgeous chunky shoes.  They will make your outfits stand out very well, especially looking chic for the summer! They will never go out of fashion as well, so it is officially a fad!

Jeffrey Campbell Asylum.

Bugis Street

Forever 21

Forever 21


This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) once again with fashion and trend reporting!

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