Monday, June 9, 2014

World Cup themed Havaianas

 This is a really good fashion theme for the upcoming world cup in Brazil. Its already in a few days time and Im really looking forward to live streaming it. These are by far the best limited edition flip flops. I always love how we can use certain themes in fashion for certain occasions.  My favorite team flip-flops are the slim models. They are very trendy and stylish. You can wear them if you wanna be comfortable once in a while with your matching shorts and t shirts.  I think they will also look great with the green and yellow carnival outfits  and not only stilettos.  You can wear them to the game with an I<3 Brasil jersey along with green or yellow shorts or skinny jeans. Not just ordinary denim shorts or blue jeans. Or you can wear them with a green and yellow sun dress.  You don't wanna feel hot while watching a game and you need to feel comfortable to move around in.

Havaianas is by far the most stylish flip flops brand with one of a kind designs and they even have a make your own event. Valentino once collaborated with Havaianas. Back in 2007, they were named as Brazil's hottest import.  Brazil has the best sandal brands ever with them being very soft and comfortable that I used to own more than one pair of Havaianas. I also love Grendha and Ipanema.

I was at Bonifacio high street two days ago and the visual merchandising window display was all displayed team flip flops in a soccer field background. I thought it was a very creative display. Not only the visual merchandising was awesome but I also liked how the personnel were dressed in Brasil team shirts and jeans.   I would love to own a pair of the Brasil slim model but I don't have an outfit to go with it.

So stay tuned for the world cup coming in days!!

More fashion reports coming your way!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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