Saturday, June 14, 2014

Styling Plus Photography

I finally had this opportunity to do a styling project. Id like to give a really big thanks to the fashion design students for letting us the marketing team take a photo of your lovely designs.  I decided to style these designs in my own edgy way and I got to apply what I learned in photography class with the photo shop techniques and how to take full body photos.  This whole thing is part of my mandatory fashion internship to complete my hours. Im happy that my job is combined of advertising, marketing,  styling, photography and communication.  As a stylist, I brought my shoes and my accessories to use for this whole photo shoot for the school website.

These collections have certain themes, which are curious circus and florals. I mixed them with leather accessories and stilettos. To match the floral theme, I decided to add a floral crown for one of the dresses. To me, I thought my red stilettos go the best with the black and white dresses to make the outfit  stand out more rather than black or white shoes.  So far the dress that suits my style most is the black and green checkered dress, (The one I also styled with the flower crown) and the ruffled floral dress I added the skulls and crosses belt to.  I also thought the outfit with a cape is very creative and not like any other. Why not if that can turn into a trend one day?  I thought the short dress right below would have looked great with a cropped black cardigan or a short sleeved bolero, if only I had one to complete the whole outfit.  But I think the rest are more complete.


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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