Monday, June 16, 2014

Bandaged legs

It looks like my legs are wrapped in bandages, coming from yoga to work. Just kidding! This whole look is meant to be street chick in the summer!  Again, I decided to mix bright colors with black and white.  I took time to decide on what to wear with my bandage leggings because it looked too revealing  when I tried wearing it alone with nothing over it.  I am inspired by K-pop artists today after seeing the way they wear their stage outfits.  I always love how K-pop groups are dressed in trendy clashing outfits and being the queens of colors.

This is one way to dress for your fashion internship as a student. Work hard and show that you have a huge interest in fashion

I am wearing this new graphic tee from Mango that was only PHP 395. There is an end of season sale going on and the prices are very reasonable. 

My houndstooth uneven blazer is from a friend who does business. It was only PHP 450. 

This wristlet was given by my Aunt in the US. The brand is Kate Spade and Id like to thank her so much for it. 

I am wearing these new bandage leggings from Forever 21 that I got on sale for only PHP 250.  


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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