Thursday, June 26, 2014

At day Suntec City

Today, I was just out with my family, shopping at Suntec City mall before walking  to my fly yoga lessons at Armenian street. I had to wear attire that are easy to change and also I couldn't wear too many trinkets. I am also carrying a sports bag with me. These are some fashion tips on how to look chic if you need to go to your fitness classes later on after you hang out with your friends and family. Instead of carrying the typical over sized duffle bag, you can carry a huge tote bag with a zipper to look more chic than awkward. Cotton On has these affordable bags in different designs. I had a tribal print one that now has a broken zipper.

I got this snap back from Androgyne Manila in Market Market! for only PHP 250. 

This huge tote is from Cotton On that was only SGD$ 3 with any purchase.  I like how this can also be used for sleep overs, travel and sports. 

This studded pop art top is from Push Thru Marketing Inc. that was only PHP 300 on sale. 

I got these new leather pants at H&M at ION Orchard for only SGD$ 10 on sale. H&M has the most affordable stuff so far during The Great Singapore Sale and its also my most favorite store. 
Reward yourself during the summer sales for great accomplishments in school!

Lots of love!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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