Monday, May 5, 2014

"TUFI DUEK" Full Show HD Sao Paulo Summer 2015 by Fashion Channel

Brazil is always showcasing their collections way ahead of the season with their booming economy. Tufi Duek is one of my most favorite designers from Brazil. I still see a lot of pinks used in this collection as an evolvement from this summers colors. I love the pinks used in this collection and the summer style. I see a lot of candy colors that are really girly and it looks like a cotton candy summer for this whole collection. I love how the color pink is hot for this summer and next summer especially if pink is my most favorite sweet color besides from black. I constantly see monochrome and pastel used in this collection. I love the sheer swim cover ups used in the monochrome collection especially the one below.  I think they have a lot of many uses such as wearing it over a plain mini tube dress or over your bikini at the beach. The pastel colored dresses are seriously very suitable for the summer and also the way they are structured is great for the hot weather.  The dress is also something Id wear to the beach due to the fact that the neckline is beyond the cleavage and Im shy to walk around like that or, if you wanna wear something like that outside, wear a pink bandeau with it, if it doesn't look too formal.

What I also saw in this collection were large florals (sunflower prints) as an evolvement from the tropical trends of this summer.  The same shoes (ankle boots) were used for the entire collection in order to let the focus be on the garments.  For the party dresses, the good old classic sequins were used which we can never go wrong with. I think they are the best suited for clubbing in the summer.  The colors and the variety of party outfits and casual are really creative but I thought the pads on the tube dresses were too pointed and I think they would've looked a lot more better if they were not cone shaped. I think they should look more round.

But most of all I think every piece in this collection is wearable and are lively enough for the summer.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) with fashion and trend reporting!,

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