Saturday, May 3, 2014


Kiss is my favorite classic rock band ever! I really think that they have the best rock songs with such catchy tunes. Even better, the band formed in New York City, one of my favorite cities ever. Im always fascinated with the member, Star Child's make up with a star on his left eye. I always thought it was really cool.  "All For the Love Of Rock and Roll" is my favorite one. It talks about your passion being your career and money doesn't matter about everything. Its whether you love your job or not, don't just take any job you can't stand just to earn money. You need to know yourself very well, just like me I love fashion and its my passion. I also would love to be an assistant aerial yoga teacher on one side while that is my other passion.

Today I went to Fashion Institute Of The Philippines to pay for my certificate since Ive completed my short sewing course for 6 months. I also got to chill with my buddies and catch up. Im very happy to have met lots of nice people in that school and have loads of fun while sewing our hearts out. We also shared our passion for fashion, discussing what the latest collections are.  So I decided to go there in a punk rock outfit along with a 90's edgy hairdo to try something different. Its always fun dressing in rock outfits. I discovered that my style is edgy ever since I was only 12.  This look is a classic edgy look that will never be a short term trend. I love to dress in outfits that are fads.

This is a fashion tip Id also love to give to stage singers and performers because I think this would make a good stage outfit with a silver studded snapback.  You will look cute performing especially if you are a lead singer in a band or a rockstar going solo. Id dress like this in a talent show.

I am wearing a sheer Kiss graphic tee from Forever 21 that was only PHP 619 on sale. Lots of the deals are really good there whenever there is a huge sale.  I got this lips chain necklace from Quiapo that was a good deal (2 for PHP 200). 

I got this skulls clutch at the Ladies Market in Hong Kong for only about HKD$ 30 ish. 

These vertical striped pants are from Forever 21 in New Jersey (Jersey Gardens Outlet) for only USD$ 19.90 with no tax. I thought it was such a good price for smooth pants that can last long. 

These platform sneakers are from Monki in Hong Kong that were only HKD$ 250 on sale. 
The clothes there are really affordable and trendy at the same time.  So far Hong Kong has the best fashion ever and its one of the most stylish cities. 

Side view

Keep on Rocking!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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