Sunday, May 11, 2014

Trending Now:Tropicana

Its the most tropical summer ever this year with tropical prints trending and I constantly see them being sold everywhere from low end to high end stores. Id rather get something like this from a low end store since I can see that they are only for a limited time. I think they are better than florals because they don't look as common. This is the forecast that came true when I had a trend forecasting assignment back in late 2012.  I also saw many of these colors back at Philippine Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014.  Maybe I should trend forecast more often because I think its really fun and sometimes you never know whether your right about them or not. Just give it a try! I would wear a tropical printed varsity number top with a leather skirt along with striped stockings to make the look more exotic and edgier.  Then when I watched one of the shows from Sau Paulo Fashion week Spring/Summer 2014 last year, I was so cheerful and happy that I was right about the colorful tropical prints and the colors used for the season.  Ive been shopping recently and all I constantly see are tropical printed tops, kimonos, bomber jackets and accessories.  I saw many of them at Stradivarius, Bershka, Armani Exchange, Forever 21, Uniqlo and Push Thru Marketing Inc.  Id love to get the one with the varsity number on someday if I can find a not so expensive one.  These colors are considered color rush with the many sweet colors used. 

If I were to wear a tropical print dress, then I would wear it with a studded leather belt, a moto jacket and cut out boots.  I hope we can have more evolvements from this trend next year as these are pretty exotic and are edgier than florals.   But make sure your hibiscus prints don't look too old fashion because some tropical prints with hibiscus flowers can look old.  I think tropical is really well suited the most for spring/summer because of the really hot weather and its the best time to go to the beach, especially if this is the hottest summer ever. In these designs I see a lot of inspirations from tropical rain forests and gardens. Sometimes they remind me of the Amazon Jungle in Brazil.   These prints will also want to make you have fun in the sun!

Forever 21 Compact mirror

Tropical dress from Forever 21

From a wholesale site

Have a sun kissed summer!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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