Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High end Fashion for Diet Coke

Who says fashion can't mix with recyclable food and beverage products or interior decorations?  Marc Jacobs was even the creative director for Diet Coke in 2013 using his own designs and labels. These designer Diet Coke bottles are actually limited edition collection and I seriously would love to decorate my house with these. Maybe someday, if I collect recyclable cans and bottles, Id add some leather fabric to it making dresses on them. I really think that these are a great work of art for interior collectibles. Im sure you fellow fashion addicts out there would love to own a stack of these collectibles as well! As a person who can't get enough of the fashion world, so far I think this is the best designer collaboration. This was for Diet Coke's 30th birthday last year.   Why not if we can totally have water bottles like this? You never know. Im thinking of designing water bottles (as a fitness lover as well)   if I succeed in having my own fashion line of clothes and shoes. 

So far, I think the Moschino designs are the cutest and can really be given as presents to your good friend or someone special.  Alberta Ferreti's designs also look super cute with the dresses on the bottles. Those dresses are sexy as well.  This is what I call Coke Couture! Its like dressing the perfect figure in a way since Coca Cola was a neck name for curvy women.  I can't get over these collectibles the most as much as they are seriously to die for. So far my favorite ones are the Karl Lagerfeld Coke bottles with stripes and polka dots. 

"This is been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) once again with fashion reporting!"

"Your Style, Your Identity"

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