Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 is here again and I am beyond excited! I always love going to these events and Im glad I got invited to Gerry Katigbak's fashion show which is on May 31.  So I am very thankful for that and I enjoyed attending his Spring/Summer 2013 show way back in 2012. He is one of the best designers here in the Philippines.  Filipino Designers are already topping the list in the fashion world as this is a country full of talents and creativity!  Many Hollywood Stars have worn gowns by Filipino designers already. 
 I have noticed that Hong Kong Fashion Week is almost similar to fashion week here in the Philippines with the designs and also the embroidery of the gowns. Asia is also getting big for the fashion industry with our growing economy.  But I would love to attend fashion week abroad someday in New York City, Tokyo, Milan, London, Paris or Los Angeles.  It is also lovely to see many of the guests dress really stylishly in their own personal style that no one is afraid to express themselves. The people there are really my kind of crowd who understand fashion very well and most of them are very edgy as well.  So you can dress how ever you want going there and you won't be judged.  This is an event I am looking forward next week!!

See you all fellow bloggers and fashionistas there!,

Monica JLL Seet (monicchic)

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