Friday, May 23, 2014

"LOUIS VUITTON " Cruise Collection 2015 Montecarlo Full Show HD by Fashi...

Its time that designers showcase their cruise collection! Here is one example of a unique fashion show with the background matching the theme of a cruise. I thought the show looked like a glass bottom boat with an ocean floor bottom that looks so realistic. Cruise collections are always very trendy travel outfits. The theme is also called Monte Carlo which is a beach resort in France. I think that the theme for a cruise collection is very well suited.  I also love the bright colors used in the whole collection that will make you look like you are sailing happily on a luxury cruise or going on vacation.  So far I love the prints used in this  collection, mixed and matched together. So far I love the collar shirt with a zipper on it and I also love the bag with a chain handle that we can never go wrong with.

This has been Monica JLL Seet(monicchic) once again with fashion reporting!

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