Thursday, May 29, 2014

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014-SM Women's wear

 I just got a last minute invite to this Women's wear show. There are many different collections in this show from every day wear to beach wear. So far my favorite ones are the everyday wear which are the printed pants. I think they did such a good job on presenting their sample display collection at the entrance of the show. I just needed to watch this show for my internship and Im glad I went to this cool and casual show with the lovely marketing team of my school. Sorry for being absent for two days because I was tired coming home at night.

Well, its hot here in the Philippines and we never have winter time, so it is impossible to be designing coats and jackets. Many beach wear was used because of people going on vacations around that season. I still see many florals used in this collection as an evolvement from this spring. It looks like the tropical theme will still be used here in the Philippines, unlike when I streamed the fashion weeks in Europe and the USA, coats were constantly showcased, along with zebra and exotic prints. Everyone has different taste in fashion. For me to stay in, I wear clothes that are suitable for the Philippine climate and prints that are in this season.  I also still see a lot of kimono jackets used in this whole collection.

For the set up, I thought it was very eye catching in a way that the models stood on the platform with the 3D banner.  When all the models lined up at once for the finale, the whole set up was all tropically colorful with tiny ribbons falling.  Event planning is very important especially for fashion shows in order to attract more audiences. I also like how there was a photo booth just right outside but it was too crowded to take pictures at and also we got a free picture frame with a voucher inside it.  It was the most enthusiastic gift Ive ever gotten at a fashion show.  This can be an example as well on how to improve a fashion show anywhere you are.

The collection in the runway show and on the mannequin display at the entrance/exit are made for ready to wear, meaning that all of the attire are wearable.

Enjoy this week of fashion!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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