Monday, May 26, 2014

Go Lucky this summer

Its so comfortable to wear a crop top in the summer! But be sure to not be to show everything too much. Wear a thin jacket or blazer with it and don't wear it with short shorts or a mini skirt alone. These are two ways to not provoke yourself to other people. But when taking the public transportations, don't dress like this because you can get a lot of attention.  Its pretty hot at my internship place, so I decided to dress like this today without looking too provocative. I was able to move around in this summer outfit.
Leather with lively prints and bright colors seriously stand out well and it was fun dressing like this to my fashion internship. I worked for 8 hours straight today but I can endure it as much as I always had my love for fashion. It was so fun today when the make up artist gave me this Star Wars/Harajuku hairstyle for fun which taking a break from work.  I am thankful that I have found an internship I love so much after hinting for one during the past few months.

 I am wearing this DIY denim jacket from Rue 21 that was only USD$ 3 on sale.
My cropped leather bustier is from Forever 21 that was only PHP 250 on sale. There has been awesome further reductions over there.

 This Happy Go Lucky skirt is from Push Thru Marketing inc. at Market Market that was only PHP 300.


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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