Friday, May 30, 2014

"CHARLES JAMES - BEYOND FASHION" Exhibition at Metropolitan Museum of Ar...

We've seen the stylish celebrities at the carpet of the Met Gala, so now its time that we see the whole Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibition! It really is beyond fashion and it is more than that. I love the classic looking dresses. We must all remember that he was a couturier for 50 years. These dresses are a big work of art. I seriously can't get enough of this exhibition that I even want to get the color block dress below because that is my favorite classic one.  This was held at the Metropolitan Museum of art and New York City is famous for art and fashion. I so wish I was there at this gorgeous exhibition.  The skirts are the most enthusiastic parts of the dresses being very wide and flowing! 

I love how the dresses are more simple at the top part tight and simple while the bottom is more eye catching and loud.  So far I think its great that once a year we have this event presenting fashion history. We must all never forget America's first couturier!

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) once again with fashion reporting!

"Your style, Your identity"

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  1. Figures, I live near the Met and still haven't checked this out! Super useful reminder. I love the dresses!

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