Thursday, May 15, 2014

Express your true love for fashion

Im sure you all out there have a passion for fashion and you know you gotta express it! For all of you fashion addicts out there, these are the best graphic tees for you that represent your true passion for fashion. These are the most stylish sayings ever and they are even structured in a fashionable way and they make you want to wear them with a moto jacket or a stylish buttoned shirt.  You can also wear them with your edgy see thru leggings or a leather color block skirt.  Basically anything that says fashion will make you look like you have a real passion for fashion. You can also wear one that says more issues than VOGUE or CoCo Made me do it. These graphic tees are normally hard to find and Im glad I finally found one today at Forever 21 (look above).  I mean I really need to thank God for fashion being in the world because without it we would all be dressing with no style.  Id also love to own a More Issues Than VOGUE graphic tee some day if I find one for only PHP 250 at Greenhills or Market! Market!  Sometimes its true than us girls can have more issues that VOGUE as we can be sometimes full of drama.

If I didn't have fashion in life Id be nothing.  So its always a must for me to be a fashion maniac and I love fashion more than any jerky guy Ive ever met or dated. Fashion is one of the things in life that lighten me up and I style to express myself. I dream to be a real stylist in the future as well. Why not if I can take every career in fashion? So stay tuned for my blogger outfit in my new tank! 
Graphic tee from Mango

Graphic tank from Forever 21, "I love fashion more than anybody else Ive met"

Keep on Styling!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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