Friday, April 4, 2014

Yoga Moda (Customized wear) + Healthy diet advice

This is another example of artistic yoga wear. Why not create something like this if you have your own yoga class? This top here was designed by my lovely anti gravity yoga instructor. I thought this was really creative of her to design her own customized workout wear, using the name of her yoga and flying fitness classes (Let Swing). I shall say she is really fit and creative at the same time. She also has her own customized yoga pants with her class logo on it. I always love how she matches this customized top with the matching leggings. (Which I will show later) Its so stylishly cute.   These come in fuchsia, blue, neon green, black and white. 

Fitness is something I would encourage you all to do during your free time while it helps you have less mood swings and makes you concentrate better.  As a fitness freak myself, I would also love to design work out wear, especially for Yoga and Zumba, such as a new style of printed leggings and dry fit tanks. 

Asides from blogging, fashion sketching, singing, poetry, sewing and doing DIY's, I also love to do fitness activities such as Anti gravity yoga (acrobatic yoga), Pilates, Zumba, Swimming, running and Gym.  I also use to do boxing. 

 I am also health cautious person that I love to eat and drink healthily as well (snacking on fruits, yoghurt and fresh vegetables) . If you are the kind who eats a lot, I would suggest eating more of fruits and vegetables, less carbs and also to try to stay away from process food as much as possible.   For the protein part of your meals, eat more fish or chicken and stay away from oily or fried food.  For breakfast, eat more natural oatmeal rather than instant with fruits and yoghurt on the side.

Don't eat too much cakes, chocolates, chips or anything that is fattening. ( I am also quite an anti junk food person)  Drink mostly water and try not to drink too much sweet drinks.  To stay strong, don't take too much alcohol and shisha. Don't smoke at all. If your already addicted, try really hard to quit. 

After any fitness activity you do, drink a bottle Pocari sweat or Gatorade to replace the minerals in your body, especially if you did more than one fitness activity.   Today, I did anti-gravity yoga (which I do 3 times a week),  Pilates (Youtube video) and gym. 

Here is a shot of my graceful yoga teacher, Francesca in one of the upside-down positions wearing her customized ombre leggings. I thought its pretty styling have a whole customized outfit.   Thank you to Francesca for letting me take a picture of you. 

Here I paired mine with my very own multi colored pants from Forever 21 that were only PHP 1095. Forever 21 has one of the best stylish work out wear that is affordable and so does Cotton On. Its not about the name, its about style. 

This is also by far my most favorite advanced position we did today.

Work the mind and the body!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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