Thursday, April 3, 2014

Floral Baroque: look 2

Mixing and matching a spring outfit is fun and exciting. Its great now that the florals are beginning to become more edgier than when they were in style for Spring 2011.  These days flirty romantic looks have turned into the edge of flirty or I shall call it anti flirty. I call it anti flirty because Im against falling in love too easily.  These days the spring trends are floral tops with a huge varsity number in the front and also the ones that say Dior. I can see that its one big evolvement from Fall/Winter 2013 when the edgier varsity looks were in style.  I was a Stradivarius recently at Glorietta and I saw varsity floral tops that are a new arrival for Spring 2014.  When I was at adidas today, their latest pieces that are collaborated with TOPSHOP are also floral printed along with leather. I am also loving their recent collaboration (partnership) with TOPSHOP, where sporty meets fashion.

 Both from

I am wearing this Varisty crop top from Push Thru Marketing Inc for only PHP 350 and Ive had this from quite some time. The clothes there are cheap and good (most of them).
I am wearing baroque leggings from Forever 21 that were only PHP 555. If you wanna stay in, Forever 21 is the best place to shop for new arrivals while they are still very affordable and trendy.  Im hoping to intern there later in April. 

I am wearing my good old Forever 21 combat boots I got about a year ago at Forever 21 in the OC for only USD$ 22 on sale. I can't believe they can still last. 

Stay Spring time fresh!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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