Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wanna learn Fashion Design?

Im sure you fashionistas have been suing to learn how to sketch the figure if you don't have any training in art yet.  Well, I know the perfect book that you can follow.  Your drawings don't have to be incredibly perfect as long as the garment turns out to be and incredible design after you had it sewn.  I constantly had that honestly speaking. The garment turned out to be sewn better than how the drawings looked like. Some clothing line owners just give the details to the shoe makers or seamstresses or some designers can't even draw well but sell great designs.   You can just use tracing paper to trace figures if your not that good at measuring. But step 1 is always to measure making the figure even.  The materials you are going to need are, a 2B pencil for drawing and a pilot hi tech point ball pen for outlining.  For adding color, you can always use either watercolor pencils or watercolor paints. 

Use any fashion design text book as a guide to make your garments look more realistic while sketching a basic silhouette. Just like I always sketch figures from my text book above. 

Step 1: measure and sketch your figure. Its up to you to draw a face or hair. If not you can just use a mannequin like I used to do. 

Step 2: Start sketching your design on the figure.  To make your skirt look real, add pleats.  I decided to use a skater skirt style today. 

Step 3: Use this pen to outline your figure and your design in order for it to look a lot neater and it will stand out more realistically before coloring your figure with any watercolor materials.

What I use

To add more details to your designs, use a color palette, to specify the different fabrics you want to use and also if you are going to use jewels or studs.  As for me Im always using studs due to my highly edgy style. There is always a way to wear them for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.

Hope you all enjoyed this and Sketch your very own style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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