Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring 2014 Trend: Kimono Jacket

Kimono style jackets are the one of the hottest trends of Spring 2014. I constantly see them being the latest merchandise at many retail stores. I first saw most of them at Bershka while I was at Glorietta. I constantly see them at Forever 21 and many other stores. Ive also been seeing them on We <3 It as I can tell that it is one of the most loved items of the season.  To me these are easy to wear and won't make you feel hot. They are constantly worn with shorts and tanks or crop tops. They also look great with fedoras and bowler hats.  I found the one right below on I thought they made it edgier by pairing it with a graphic tank and the look is not totally flirty. It will look better with leather shorts though. 

I love how Forever 21 has different styles of kimono jackets such as paisley and one with shimmering sleeves. I have a leopard print one that me and my Mom share. They look super comfortable and not too hot for the summer.  It looks like the trends from Spring 2011 made a huge comeback to this year. (This is one of them) It was obvious that they were the most loved pieces back then. I still remember dolling up in florals back then. But now Im more edgier that Id rather pair these with a leather or studded piece.  So stay tuned for my outfit in the kimono jacket tomorrow!

Forever 21

Forever 21


Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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