Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A great weekend at Coachella

Its that time of the year again when the biggest Music Festival is being held in Los Angeles, California. Celebrities are always attending this event and its always great seeing different kinds of fashion sense/taste.  Of course there will always be best and worst dressed. Its also great seeing different hair accessories and hats. With the attire, I am seeing a combination of edgy, classic and bohemian.  It looks like Kristen Stewart is rocking out in classic colors in a cute simple sporty outfit with a cap.  I seriously wish I was there with all the celebrities! It looks insanely fun and Id totally wear a fringed maxi skirt, cut out boots with my tribal Forever 21 crop top and flower crown. Id also wear a graphic maxi dress with my cropped denim jacket, cut out boots and a floppy fedora.  I see that some guests are even brave to wear bikini style clothing or micro cropped tops which Id be too shy to wear in a crowded music festival.

I see the celebrities with the most styles are Kendall Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens.  But so far I think Kendall Jenner is the most fashionable one with her gorgeous maxi cardigans. So far I think the outfit Kendall is wearing in the middle is the best one. I love the bib necklace with the crop top, the maxi sleeveless cardigan, a chain belt and country western booties. Her sister, Kylie has one huge fanny pack that is one of a kind. I also love her fedora hat.

 I also liked how Selena Gomez (who accompanied Kendall and Kylie) wore her see- thru floral dress with shorts, bandeau and a fedora. Its also very stylish that way. That is the best bohemian outfit ever. (look way below) Its not at all slutty and as long as its maxi and not too short. Its also good she has a bandeau underneath. I also love her combat boots.

I see that Vanessa Hudgens is going with a flower child boho look, wearing one of those hippie style dresses. I like how she pairs it with a floppy hat though and not with the typical elastic headband along with her matching bracelets. I also like her outfit with a cropped tube top with a maxi cardigan and a small flower crown that is similar to mine. Im glad she is not wearing a crop top by itself with shorts. Her worst outfit would be her white shorts that are too short with a tube top. I feel that that is to revealing from top to bottom. I think a graphic t shirt would go better with that. But she doesn't have the most flower power.
I think Victoria Justice and her sister are dressed with more flower power in the classic crochet tops with shorts and flower crowns. Flower crowns are what I constantly see at music festivals. That has been an on going hit trend since last year. I think they are really stylish.  But so far I think Victoria Justice's top is a little too plunging and should only be used for the beach and I think she should wear a graphic tank top with her crochet vest.

I see Cara Delevigne is rocking one of those cute and quirky shades for spring. She also has a flower crown look. I see she is not shy to wear a bikini top and hot pants. But her body figure and face can totally pull it off.
As a person with a passion for fashion, I just love observing different celebrity styles.

It was great to hear that Rihanna was one of the performers. So far she is the best dressed performer ever. I always liked her edgy style. I love her bomber jacket with her micro crop top and her studded shorts.  Her leopard adidas sneakers are looking chic. I seriously wanna steal them off her feet!

This has been Monica Jin Li Seet (MONICCHIC) with the latest fashion news!

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