Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago!

NYC, LA, Chicago! Those are the three cities I love the most! Those cities of fashion and fun lifestyles! Though Ive never been to Chicago, I heard its a fabulous city. Ive only been to NYC and LA multiple times and I am loving those stylish cities I dream to study fashion at someday or work in the future.  Im such a fashion addict that I really wanna study in a fashion capital and work back in my own country, Singapore. This is all I had time to throw on for a school meeting as the co-coordinator for the graduation fashion show. So Im glad Im finally graduating my advanced diploma and getting my full bachelors degree next year.

These are also my fashion tips on how to take it chic and easy. These clothes are so easy to throw on and can also make you look super chic. These are the perfect clothes to throw on for school. It will make you have the hottest clothes and still make you look best dressed.  Why not use some stylish stationary and not only have the hottest clothes? Look below at the notebook I used to take down notes today and also the fancy pen I got at Universal Studios Singapore. I had fun writing with the pen.

There are two ways to wear this outfit, either with a red hat and black tights or a black floppy fedora with red tights.

I am wearing this bowler hat from NAVA that was only PHP 200 on sale.

This white jersey dress is from River Island that I bought for only PHP 1095 on sale. After I bought this , when I saw the cover photo of Little Mix's Facebook page,  one of the members, Leigh Anne so happened to have this dress to. I won't be surprised since River Island is from London.  Im a big Little Mix fan! Asides from their music, I also love their edgy fashion sense.
They are so the Spice Girls of this generation!

(c) https://www.facebook.com/LittleMixOfficial

I am wearing footless tights I got at Market! Market! at a deal of two for PHP 150. So I bought the red one along with it. 
I had to wear this tick hosiery today because this dress is unexpectedly pretty short and see thru.

Take it Chic and Easy with style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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