Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keeping fit under the sun!

Welcome to another episode of Fashionable Fitness!
Hope you all enjoyed my yoga moda series!
Now run like the wind!
You know you need to find something to do in the summer and one of them is keeping fit.  Since its almost summer for all of us, its time to run in your chic neon outfits under the sun and look as bright. Today I went running with my Mom on the track across Bonifacio High Street  before having breakfast at Paul and below was what I wore when I went jogging. Who says you can't be fashionable when your exercising? You don't have to wear the typical plain clothes that are just one or two colors.  You can look cute as well jogging around Central Park, NYC or Venice Beach, Los Angeles. But be your your not alone.  Running is also one of the best exercising to make you stronger and is a fun thing to do with your friends and family! Im a health cautious person that I constantly eat fruits and keep fit 6 times a week. So fitness is one of the most important things on my list and I also gotta make sure I look chic and fabulous while doing any of my fitness activities. 

Wear a graphic tank top over a super cute support sports bra/yoga crop top and printed leggings or if your area is safe and if you see many people jog in crop tops, then you can just wear your half top (like mine above) with your printed leggings. But be sure you have a tank top in your car to cover up. Ive worn just a crop top and leggings for Zumba.   
I got my colorful active leggings from Forever 21 activewear that was only PHP 1095. They are really comfortable and not too tight. My knock out crop top is from Cotton On Body that was only PHP 799.  My graphic tank that says "Survival of the fittest" is from Cotton Active that was only PHP 400 on sale.   Find a really cute pouch to hook around your waist if you need to bring any money or your iPhone to listen to your music while running. 

If you want to wear short shorts while running, be sure they are tasteful and not too tight. Even if you are running keep the fashion statement of wearing a combination of loose and tight. Only do wear tight from top to bottom if you are doing yoga, pilates, dance and zumba.  

For your footwear, throw on some neon colored trainers that can last to look more girly. 

 This is my fitness outfit for the day!  My neon yellow top is from Cotton On active that I got on sale for only PHP 400. The active tanks there are the most affordable and unusual one so far. I always can't get enough of their work out wear.
My palm tress ombre active leggings are from Cotton On Body that I got for only PHP 1199. These are way to hard to find.
My neon pink trainers are from Planet Sports (brand: K-Swiss) that were only PHP 1,200 on sale. K-Swiss is the best affordable sports brand now a days.

This is my pouch (The only one I have that I can wear around my waist) It as a free gift from my 3 days of fashion camp at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising , Irvine, California.  I rarely use a fanny pack so, I never considered buying one. 

So now you have the complete stylish outfit for jogging!

Have fun and run with colors!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Fashion can be everywhere, any day, at any time"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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