Monday, April 7, 2014

GIVENCHY Fall/Winter 2014-2015

I see quite an exotic theme for Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014. Kendall Jenner is rocking the runway for Givenchy. I also like the dress on her! She can totally pull that off with her gorgeous fierce look. On the dress, I love how its exotic at the top and flowy at the bottom with lines.  It looks like exotic will be a hit print this fall 2014. I can see that exotic is an evolvement from the animal prints we had last fall/winter. I love how exotic prints will so suit the season, as I would love an exotic blazer and a shirt dress with stockings and a floppy fedora as well.  Id totally wear the dress, Kendall Jenner is wearing and pair it with a moto jacket along with ankle length booties.  I love how this collection is a combination of dresses, pants and fur coats, the usual used in fall/winter fashion shows.

Not only did I see exotic prints in this show but they were also seen in Saint Laurent, fall 2014. But I shall say Givenchy is a lot more edgier.  Givenchy is one of my favorite brands,especially if I seriously love their bags the most. They constantly use geometric shapes when designing their bags and Id love to own one someday. Those will never die down. In this collection, I can see that classic styles are mostly used in this collection which is a good thing because they can last more that way and passed on to the next generation.  These can also be used in a fashion exhibition as well like most high end clothes from the past are still on Display.  This collection by far is one of the edgiest for fall/winter and many of these pieces are seriously not like any other.  Check out the full show below. 

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