Saturday, April 12, 2014


Boyz sometimes a girl just needs one! But sometimes they just break your heart. They come and go. I wore this outfit today as a theme of boys breaking a girls heart. This is so related to Taylor Swift's songs. Yellow is one of the hottest colors this summer and so is neon green, so thats the reason why I chose the green background at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Its one of the best fashion schools here in MNL that I don't wanna leave. Ive always had a passion for fashion that Im not everybody (Not wanting to dress typically).  I love wearing DIY clothing especially if they are edgy.  These stockings won't make me feel hot while they have a lot of holes in them.

I hope you all remember my tutorial on how I distressed these tights I wore on a date last year. This outfit today has a broken hearted story behind it. So why not make yourself feel better this way? Don't cry too much about these things and if you love fashion express your personal style.  If a guy is not faithful to you or starts having someone else after you, then just laugh it off and do better than the guy. Be the strong one and show him what he lost! Don't whine!
This is a better therapy than being a shopaholic.  I was so happy today wearing this outfit and being with such great people in school. Thank you Jay for taking these photos. Your always so sweet.

I am wearing this black and yellow graphic dress from H&M in Singapore (ION Orchard) that was only SGD$ 7 on sale.  My moto jacket is from H&M in Hong Kong that was only bout HKD$ 199. 

This bag is from Michael Kors outlet (Woodbury Common) in upstate New York that was only USD$ 200. 

I distressed these tights from Forever 21 that I got sometime ago for only PHP 109 on sale. They are really thin and fragile. 

Play cool in the summer!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"DIY won't make you feel like an outfit repeater"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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