Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grunge It Up

To keep up with Spring/Summer 2014, I decided to style up with this new dress I won from Blogger, Hazel Mamaril. Thanks again to her. Im having fun thinking about ways to style it and make it my own style. Since Im more of the edgy type who loves to wear studs and leather, I decided to wear it with a moto jacket that can go with anything. So that my look won't look too flirty. Its fun mixing up different looks together in one outfit. I will always be forever a 90's kid and proud to be born in the 90s. Florals are back this spring as those are what Im constantly seeing now a days.  Florals and leather always look great together. I can wear this dress with a studded belt and combat boots or cut out boots to a music festival as well such as Coachella or any other.  Distressed florals were even a great trend of Spring/Summer 2011.

This is also one way to balance your wardrobe a little bit more with your very own personal style. You can mix your personal style with something you don't normally wear in your daily life. As for me Im more into leather and studs. Im also more into tiger prints as well. So I decided to wear something different today with my edgy style.

I am wearing a chain headband from Forever 21 that was only PHP 200. This moto jacket here is from H&M in Hong Kong that was only HKD$ 299. 
This floral dress I won as a blog giveaway is from Urban Outfitters that was about USD$ 79. 

I got this floral belt from a local store at Milan, Italy that was only about 9 Euros. 

These combat boots are from Forever 21 that were only USD$ 22 on sale. 

This has been Monicchic once again with another look and fashion reporting!

"Your Style, Your Identity"

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