Thursday, March 6, 2014


Its a party hard Fall/winter for Betsey Johnson!  As always, her collection is the loudest at New York Fashion Week. Im glad she is the type who is not everybody and has her own style that is not like any other. She has always been unique and also a great fashion icon of the 70's. I can't believe she is still very good even though she is already a Grandmother.  She is very well known for her tutu skirts and those have always made her collection stand out well. I shall say that those skirts are very Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and The City/The Carrie Diaries. I am digging the leather tutu skirt below and that piece is seriously to die for. Id love to own something like that and I think Id wear that if I were a rockstar along with a studded snapback.   I am also digging her usual leopard prints that are very colorful and bright. I love the shoes and the bags. I think her coats are the most colorful ones so far unlike the other black and white coats in the other collections.   I also love her black and white maxi coats and also her cream striped coat which looks like will be a fad this Fall/Winter 2014. Im glad I bought something like that from the ladies market in Hong Kong.

I can observe that her collection mostly contains shimmering dresses and those will be great to wear if your going to a club or a party on a winter night. I wore a leather dress to a club while I was at Hong Kong in back in January along with a moto jacket and stockings.  I also love how she used fuchsia beanies in her collection as accessories. This is also the biggest color palette Ive ever seen that I can't count but I like how she used dark girly colors.    But I think the pieces that most suit Fall/Winter 2014 are the leather tutu skirt or anything that is colored red, black and white. We must all remember that Betsey Johnson started of as a dancer and has many inspirations from her dance costumes from the past. I love those funky inspirations!

I also think that this jump suit is very one of a kind and I like how its very shimmering. 

Betsey Johnson with Granddaughter!

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic) with Fashion reporting!

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