Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY your own Dress

Have you been dying to find something even edgier or have you had your own personal design in your mind for a very long time?  Then here is one easy way you can easily hand stitch in your very own edgy way using your left over textiles in your room. But make sure to use  blending thread and remember to cut the thread short after tying a knot when your done with your stitching.  First just lay your garment down on your bed or your desk and your fabric over it in order to estimate the size you need that is equivalent to your garment.   I would suggest using the proper textile scissors if you sew regularly since that cuts the fabric a lot better. 

This was a dress I sewed for my Saturday sewing classes. My dream has always been to take fashion design so Im glad Im taking sewing to get the hang of it because Ive only done fashion sketching and never sewing.  I decided to hand stitch a mesh fabric onto this dress because I prefer recycling fabrics and having my very own style. I am inspired by stage outfits worn by rockstars especially if they have punk style. Its great making your own outfits in order to be different. 

Step 1. Cut your thread
Step 2: cut your fabrics to match the shape of your dress. Then just sew it along the sides and neckline in order for the stitching not to be too obvious.

Step 3: Now your finished. You have your own design representing your own personal style.

Try it out!!,

Monica JLL Seet (monicchic)

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