Monday, March 10, 2014

CHANEL Fall-Winter 2014/15 Ready-to-Wear

One of my favorite high end brands, Chanel finally showcased their latest collection for Fall/Winter 2014. I can see that we will still be using the color, pink for the season as seen in many other collections. This is one evolvement from this years Spring/Summer 2014 and pink is one of my favorite colors as well, so Im loving how pink is hot this year.  Its all pink for the Year of The Horse! I love the distressed pink leggings with the turtle neck top and the maxi coat. Ive always been a huge fan distressed tights. Its so easy to do that with your very own old leggings.  While this is a ready to wear collection, meaning these garments can be easily worn, now that explains more why the show is taking place in a supermarket scene since the super market is part of ones everyday life. I think the coats here are always so trendy in keeping the classic Chanel coat. I remember, Chanel had quadruple chain necklaces last year but this year they have a chain lock necklace which I can now sense that it will be a trend this Fall/Winter 2014 and I will so own one. I shall say they are so far so edgy. I love the leather shorts and the leather midi dress as well. I can also trend forecast that leather midi skirts will also be a popular trend.

I thought it was very creative to use Chanel Flap bags inside the supermarket carts which is something I have never seen before and it suits this whole everyday life/ready to wear theme. The typical running shoes also look so chic with the outfits and will be more comfortable to do your grocery shopping in rather than trying too hard in stilettos.  The boots also look very comfortable in a form of rubber shoes and they are also very chic-comfy.

Stay chic-comfy!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

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