Saturday, February 8, 2014

You Only Live once! Enjoy Life!

Enjoy life! Life is short! This is what everyone says! I decided to go sneaker chic today at my sewing class. Im glad I finally finished my 1st project which is a skirt. Its a lot more comfortable to sew in sneakers. There are always ways to make your sneakers look styling!! You can  pair them with gorgeous edgy clothes in your closet! It was fun mixing and matching them together with my net skirt and graphic pullover and my YOLO snapback as well. I was very comfortable today sewing and being able to accomplish my skirt that is wearable. Today I also decided to stick with the pink color scheme in some sort of  street and sporty style.

Sneakers make you move faster and you won't be late for anything at all.  Just have fun and don't try so hard. It was also easier to step on the pedals of the sewing machine which motivated me to finish my project faster.

(c) Archie Perez

These trainers are from Planet Sports (K-Swiss) that I got on sale for only PHP 1,200 ish. I also use them for running.

This snapback here if from Greenhills Tiangge that I got for only PHP 200. 

I got this skirt at Forever 21 in Singapore for only SGD$ 25. Forever 21 in Singapore is one of the best branches in Asia Ive ever been to. 

This lips pullover top is from Androgyne in Market! Market! that was only PHP 580. 

This plaid wristlet here is from Coach outlet in Milpitas, California that I got sometime ago. But I remember that it was only USD$ 35. 

Stay chill! Stay Chic!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monicchic)

"Chill and Chic is the best way to move around in"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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